Join us at the Beam Suntory Better Together Mixer!

As the name suggests, we truly believe that we are better as a community when we come together. This year we wanted to not only showcase the diversity within our brands but also the beauty and diversity within our Cincinnati community. June is historically LGBTQ+ Pride Month and what a better time to showcase the pride in all the members of our community than by bringing together as many members of OUR community as possible.

The purpose of this mixer is to bring together the various diversity focused groups/organizations in Cincinnati to meet one another, build relationships, establish connections, and expand our individual and collective capacity.

This mixer is the first of what we hope will be many.


We hope that you will not only join us, but share it with your networks.


Where there is BEAUTY, there is DIVERSITY. Where there is DIVERSITY, there is BEAM.


We are so excited that you are joining us in bringing this theme to life.

Oddfellows Liquor Bar

2014 Elm Street 45202

5/31 5:00pm-7:30pm

Free to attend

Presented by Beam Suntory and Diverse Events